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6 Ways to be a Kinder Human Today

6 Ways to be a Kinder Human Today


Being a kind person isn’t just about smiling at everyone or paying for someone’s coffee on Random Act of Kindness day. While these things can certainly help in being kind and appearing to be a kind person, it’s much more than that.

It stems from the inside out.

It comes from not having to show that you are, indeed, a kind person, because you just are. And although it’s difficult be a kind person in every situation, here are some of the things that can help you simply be a nicer, kinder person to be around.

1.     Make an Effort

Making an effort is the first thing that people are going to notice about you. Almost like a first impression—do you smile when you meet someone new, or a stranger? What is your body language saying to others? Whether or not you believe it, and that people should just understand that “that’s just my face,” it’s important to put in the effort to show whoever you’re interacting with that you’re happy to be with or around them, and that their experience with you is going to be a good one.

Now, if you encounter someone who is the opposite—rude, curt, and who doesn’t make their interactions with you pleasant, or if you’re truly just having a rough day, you just have to:

2.     Be Flexible

Being demanding of anyone’s time and energy is extremely off-putting, and will make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. Being flexible means that in any given situation, if things don’t go exactly the way you had hoped or planned, that you stay calm and courteous.

For example, if you’re on your way to work and you stop for coffee, but the shop is abuzz with the business that comes with work-day mornings, and you get your coffee 20 minutes later, making you late to work—be flexible. If you inquire about the status of your coffee, ask where it falls in line, and if it is truly going to set you back a lot, simply cancel your order. Or better yet, check the line or ask how long it might take so you can make it a simple decision. However, if you do order that coffee and it makes you late for work, do not get mad at the baristas, as it was your decision to come on your way to work. Simply say thank you, and re-think your plans for next time should you want to stop for coffee again.

When things don’t pan out as we expect, it can leave us feeling angry or frustrated, making it hard to enjoy the day and be kind to others. But when you can be okay making adjustments and compromises to your plan, then you will feel more relaxed, and have a more enjoyable time.

3.     Try on a Different Perspective

One of the things which causes discord between people, is the inability or willingness to see a view/belief from the other person’s perspective. Even if you can’t truly understand it without having physically gone through what the other person did, you can at least try. Try to imagine what they must be feeling, what their experiences must have been like, and then compare it to what you’ve previously believed.

We are all a collection of our experiences and product of the culture and society we’re brought up in. Many factors shape us, so by being open to the other side, rather than closed off, you will already be a step ahead in being a kinder human to be around.

4.     Agree to Disagree

If you truly cannot understand another person’s beliefs and perspectives, the best thing you can do to avoid conflict is to agree to disagree. In general as humans, we gravitate towards those who share the same values and belief system, and that’s totally fine. But, we have to remember that there are millions of ways to be human, and that ours is not the only way to live.

Agreeing to disagree doesn’t mean that you have to cut ties with a person, or walk on eggshells, it simply means that you acknowledge that you have different beliefs, and while you may not understand it, neither one of you are going to continue to debate or force the other to believe what you believe.

5.     Remove Toxicity and High-Volume Stressors

When someone or something leaves you feeling incredibly stressed non-stop, leaving you drained with every encounter, then it might be time to remove said person/thing from your life. It’s okay to let people go who cause you undue anxiety and stress, because you shouldn’t have to feel like that.

Obviously, you’re not going to click with everyone, so whether it’s a person, job, activity, event—don’t force it. Our lives are too short to put up with things and people who are only going to make us miserable. So chin up, and keep on putting good things into the world, even if the world doesn’t smile back at you.

6.     Remember What’s Important

Too often, we get caught up in the hype and day-to-day living that we forget what our lives are truly about. We get caught up in being successful on paper with the latest and greatest materials possessions, and trying to look perfect to others on the outside. But those are not important. We must remember that what’s important are the loving relationships we have and share with others, and how we can in turn, help those who may not receive love or are without basic needs.

You can’t take your possessions with you, and the only thing you truly leave behind is the mark you leave on this world—the people and places you were able to impact by the way you treated them. Do you want to be remembered for being rude and selfish, or the kind person who always made others feel better? You decide.

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