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5 Key Ways to Get Out of a Slump

5 Key Ways to Get Out of a Slump


There are many days, months, or even years that we simply don’t feel our best, are not doing our best, and are lost and unmotivated. It can drive you crazy knowing that you have a lot of potential, but you can’t seem to make anything happen because you just don’t have the motivation. I understand you. I get that. Life often takes turns or leaps into a roller coaster of unexpected circumstances. Many things you never thought would happen, happened. Maybe you found out that you want different things than you had previously thought. Or maybe life just isn’t what you imagined it’d be like in your head.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

It just means that we have to refocus and regroup. We must take that disappointment, hurt, laziness, and fear—and channel it all into taking steps out of our slump in order to be actively living and enjoying the kind of life we want.

1.     Take baby steps

When we get into a cycle of laziness, overwhelming thoughts, and are continuously unmotivated, it’s difficult to break that cycle. However, in order to be that happy and successful person you want to be, you must break the cycle. You’re not going to go from assistant to CEO overnight, nor from eating McDonald’s to drinking kale smoothies in a day. In a world where everything often only takes an instant, the things that truly matter take lots.of.time. So you need to be patient with yourself without letting yourself fall back into that slump. Once you’re out, you won’t want to be back there. If you do, hopefully you’ll find the courage to get yourself back out (with these 5 steps!)

So here’s what I mean when I say baby steps:

o   Start with one small thing that you can do today, right now. For example, if you want to start a blog, start by buying a book or following other blogs that you can learn from. Achievable today right?

o   Continue to take small steps in the direction you want to go. Follow this rule day in and day out. Make it your goal to do 5 small goals in the direction you want to take each week.

2.     Get organized

In order to truly see that you’re making progress, you’re going to have to get organized. Remember those small goals we talked about in #1, this is where you write them down. I’ll say it again, write them down. Write it down in a journal, on a post-it, or create a log on your computer. This is key to reaching your goals, because when you find yourself unmotivated or down about what you think you haven’t achieved, this log will prove to yourself that you are indeed making headway. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy.

Here’s the key to getting organized:

o   Whatever you did, write or type down the day that you did it, what you did, and any results that apply to that action taken

o   Since I work on my computer a lot, I’ve found it easiest to track my progress by creating charts or logs in Word or Excel. Create different logs if you’re working on different things. For example, I have a Budgeting log, where I keep track of income coming in and what I’m spending. I also have a workout log, where I keep track of how many and what workouts I’m doing each week.

o   Depending on your goals, you may find that certain apps are easier or better suited to help you track your goals. That’s great! Just make sure you’re looking at it and logging your steps taken every day.

3.     Celebrate mini-achievements

We can never constantly push ourselves, and if we do, we likely will burn out. It’s important to take time to celebrate small achievements. Did you get your first order? Did you refuse a burger and grab a salad for lunch? Did you hit your 5x per week workout goal? Celebrate those! Take time for yourself with a glass of wine, go out with family or friends, or let yourself simply relax—whatever makes you happy. Just don’t forget to allow yourself this happiness, regardless of what anyone else says. You’re making progress and that is so important for your continued success, and so, so, great for you in every way!

4.     Find no motivation; Do it anyway

Perhaps the most difficult part of getting out of a slump is working on your goals even when you don’t want to and don’t have the motivation. I think each of us can agree that we often lack the motivation, sometimes to do anything. But what will set you a part is pushing past that laziness, that desire to not do it for any number of reasons or excuses. While it’s going to be difficult to physically make yourself work, chances are you’ll be happy in the end that you did. Feed that part of your brain, rather than the part that’s telling you no.

5.     Keep getting back up

When you put a lot of time and effort into something, especially one you’re passionate about, overcoming rejection, failure, and setbacks are ultimately part of the game. If you’ve read or studied anyone who’s become successful, the single thing every one of them has in common is not giving up. That’s it. Not money, not talent, not support—just never letting their setbacks and failures keep them from reaching their goals. It’s this type of mindset that you must take on. It’s this type of mindset that will make you successful, and it’s this type of mindset that will make you the person you always wanted to be.

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