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The Beauty of Doing Nothing

The Beauty of Doing Nothing

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If you’re anything like me, when you have a free moment or you have to wait on someone or something, you check your phone. Am I right? We almost always have our phones with us, and our days are becoming more and more engaged in absorbing news, ideas, images, videos, and words. This is not always a bad thing—it’s quite wonderful actually, that we have such access to an overwhelming and infinite number of ideas, resources, and help.

But what if I told you absorbing so much was squashing your own creativity?

Would you believe me? Would you feel it?

Maybe you’ve never tried to be all that creative because you felt that what you could do, would never quite muster up to be Pinterest-quality. Or maybe you’ve always been creatively-inclined, but have found yourself less and less taking the time to actually be creative, or act on an idea.

Whichever side of the fence you’re on, you may not realize the impact being constantly engaged is having on the imaginative and creative side of your brain. If you’re always absorbing other ideas and consuming the finished products and ideas of others, how can you possibly manifest your own?

While it’s true that an idea can spark from another person’s idea (this happens to me a lot!), it’s important to have time away from distractions to hone your own unique idea into something—make it your own. Without that, it’s just someone else’s idea.

Now what I’m talking about, really emphasizing, is the mundane—the nothing. When you do nothing, your mind has nothing to be engaged with, so it’s forced to come up with its own. When you do tasks that require no mental effort, or when you do absolutely nothing (not being engaged by a phone, T.V., or anything), that’s when you’re most likely to have the most imaginative and innovative ideas.

How do I know this? Consistency. (Or the old adage, “the proof is in the pudding”)

If you try it, chances are you’ll start to realize what I’m talking about. I consistently have the most creative, original, and passionate ideas when I’m doing a mundane task or just staring into space or at a wall. This is why I often have to hurry out of the shower to write down an idea, or why I keep a journal next to my bed because I often have great ideas right before I go to sleep. And when check my phone all day because I’m bored or become lazy, I find myself getting lost in the absorption of other people and ideas, unable to come up with anything of my own.

You might not realize that by always doing something, you’re actually hindering your self-growth.

Try it.

Try taking a walk without your phone.

Try making yourself stay off social media during the parts of the day when you want to be most creative.

Try getting into flow while doing something—that could be a craft, writing, a song—whatever you love and want to work on!

Ultimately, try consciously disengaging more.

Instead, do nothing.

Do nothing and see what happens. Let your mind wander. Let your imagine run wild as if you were a kid again.

Simply allow your brain to work the magic you have inside. Allow yourself the opportunity to create, build, and be the person you know is within.

Just be. And discover the beauty of doing nothing.

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