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Happiness—It’s a Matter of Perspective

Happiness—It’s a Matter of Perspective


Have you ever seen the movie Love, Rosie?

It’s an all-time favorite of mine, and my best friend was watching it over the weekend. Remembering the movie made me want to watch again, for the hundredth time—it never gets old! But more than a love story, this movie has something important to teach us about happiness.

We’re often quick to judge other, and most often about the status of other people’s lives. We say and think things like:

“Did you know so and so had a baby, and they’re not married?”

“Did you hear about so and so, I heard he got fired!”

“I can’t believe she moved to New York City, she’ll never make it.”

“How did he get promoted so fast?”

“Wow, they’re getting married quickly, I wonder why.”

And any number of interpretations and judgement calls on another’s life. The funniest thing about this, is that when we judge others, it’s mostly because we’re unhappy with ourselves and our own lives.

It still boggles my mind that we, as humans, haven’t yet figured out that money and status does not equal happiness.

In the movie Love, Rosie, Rosie accidentally gets pregnant right as she’s graduating from high school. She has to put off her dream of attending Boston College while her best friend, Alex, receives a scholarship to Harvard and begins his life there.

Rosie originally plans to just put off her plans by six months, as she had decided to give her baby to another home. However, once she sees and holds her baby girl for the first time, she can’t let her go and decides to raise her daughter herself. Meanwhile, Alex gets the “right” girl, has a great job climbing the corporate ladder, and has a beautiful apartment.

He had “the dream,” so to speak. But after Rosie comes to visit him in Boston, she points out to Alex that he has a shitty home life even though he doesn’t realize it himself. It’s only later revealed that Alex’s girlfriend had been having an affair, and their expected child was not his.

To Alex, Rosie had lived a hard life being a young, single mother—only she was much happier than Alex was. It may not have been the dream on paper, but her daughter and family brought her tremendous happiness. Was it perfect? No—she went through her own problems (as we all do).

But she was happy with her life and her choices.

It’s a reminder that happiness is not a matter of a certain job title or a paycheck—it’s truly something that comes from the inside out. You can buy everything in the world, be called a CEO or President, but that in itself will never bring true and lasting happiness.

If you’re not happy in your own life, ask yourself this:

Are you living based on someone else’s version of success?

Because if you’re not, chances are you’re trying to fulfill a role or be the type of person another person has told you or expected you to be.

Get that out of your head. Only you can bring happiness into your own life.

It’s a matter of perspective. A shift in perspective if need be, or a change in circumstance.

Whatever the case may be, I hope you have the heart and courage to be happy in your own life—to take joy in it. And if you need to change your circumstances, may you work so something YOU can find joy in. All it takes is a shift in perspective.


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