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Why It's Okay to Wear Many Different Hats

Why It's Okay to Wear Many Different Hats


Have you ever felt pressure to do just one thing, to be just one type of person? I know I have! Our society focuses on finding that one thing that you should pursue, and any changing the course of action is viewed as a failure; a disappointment.

But what if your mind doesn’t work that way?

What if you want to be many things in your life—not just one?

When I think about my life in a big-picture way, there’s many things that I want to do.

I want to be a dancer. I want to write a book. I want to be an artist. I want to be a traveler, taking in the sights and adventures of the world. I want to be a trendsetter, a fashionista in my own right. I want to be a wedding planner. I want to gallop on a trusted horse across the rolling hills of Ireland. I want to walk the red carpet. I want to be a hermit in the woods sitting by the fire. I want to wear girly florals. I want to be edgy, dark; moody. I want to be and do so many things.

For those of us who live on our own terms—to leave this world knowing we did everything we wanted to do—we’re not fit-into-box type of people.

We want to wear many different hats.

And that’s okay.

There’s a place for us. And switching from one thing to another is just us checking off the boxes of all the ways we want to live—all the things we want to see and do while we can.

Though some people might view it as indecisive, and if you’ve been told to “pick one thing and stick with it,” you’re not alone. There’s something to be said for knowing what you want to do, going after it, and never giving up. However, this path is not for everyone.

Sometimes this can cause us to feels distressed, seeming like there’s no place we “fit in.” But perhaps we are meant to fill many roles, not just one. It could be either at the same time or one shortly after another. We crave something different day-to-day, and can get bored with the mundane quickly. We seek to always remain relevant, constantly in search of interesting roles that spark a calling in us.

I once interviewed an alumna of a sorority who, as a creative person, was always seeking her next creative venture. She had already been a successful artist, actress, and interior designer, and her passion derived from discovering her next “thing” or project. It was incredibly inspiring, because it was the first time I had heard from someone who thought like me, and had not wished for herself to be one thing, but many.

It’s okay to wear many different hats—to be someone who thrives when they pursue more than one endeavor. Never doubt your capabilities just because someone else doesn’t see value in it. Shine your light wherever it may take you.

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